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Flushing Foodventure

There is too much food to be had in Flushing. We headed out last Sunday with the best intentions to eat ourselves silly, but didn’t make it too far off the main drag.

We started with $1 duck buns at Corner 28 – they’ve been $1 since I first came out here about three years ago (shameful, I know). But it’s nice to know that while lobster roll/artisanal popsicle/gourmet grilled cheese prices have steadily climbed, these have remained cheap as hell and are still delicious.

I live for these

Then we headed to that dirty ass basement foodcourt where Xi’an Famous Foods started. It’s still there, but the menu is easier to read (more pictures!) and they have actual styrofoam plates to serve food on rather than takeout container lids. I ordered the Liang Pi which are cold noodles in a spicy sauce with cucumbers, bean sprouts, and cubes of gluten. I really wished they were bean curd, because the texture of gluten freaks me out a little when it’s served like this. Ryan got the Spicy & Tingly Beef Noodles, which are similar to nou riou man and served hot. We ate like pigs while listening to the quick, loud thumps of noodle making.

Noodle monsters

I had plans of also visiting Biang! which is Xi’an’s newest restaurant, but we opted for something sweet and got milk tea from Coco Tea & Bubble. It had pudding and coffee jelly in it. And then, more $1 duck buns for the road.

Next time we’ll eat pig’s blood cubes & fluffy shaved ice with stuff on it!