Blue Hill & Blue Food

2015-04-12 14.46.41
Last weekend, we went back to Blue Hill for a spring lunch. We left the kid at home with the nanny and felt guilty the entire time, especially after seeing all the families touring the farm. Next time we will come for the lambs and not the food.

2015-04-12 15.44.14

2015-04-12 16.20.05

We had a stellar meal, and even got to eat a few courses in the kitchen. My favorites were the mussels, barely poached to creaminess and the coppa served atop the first maple tap of the season.

As for the more substantial dishes, I loved the smoked scallop and fried pig ear tacos with rutabega tortillas and the venison three ways.

As you’ve read, I’ve been trying to make Enzo food but with little luck. I’ve finally realized that he still can’t really deal with textures, and that I need to puree and then strain his food before feeding it to him.

It’s now spring, but the offerings at our farmers market are still root veggies and cellar fruits. So I’ve had to supplement with frozen fruits and vegetables.  Trader Joe’s has an okay selection, and I bought some blueberries and spinach. I’ve been trying to go once a week to stock up on nanny snacks and other groceries since it is close to our butcher.

2015-04-18 12.51.56

Here’s a quart container with frozen blueberries (about a cup), 5 apples that I skinned, cored, cubed, and made into apple sauce from cameo & pink lady market apples, and frozen spinach (about half a cup). I added Bob’s Red Mill 10-grain cereal and split it between two containers, then used the immersion blender to puree the shit out of it.

THEN I strained it so any errant pieces of spinach stalk, apple skin, and chunky cereal bits didn’t make it into the emperor’s food.

And guess what – Mikey likes it!
Score 1 for mommy. Put it in the freezer, I’m done.

I also bought some purple and yellow carrots from the market that I skinned, quartered, and steamed. He’ll have those tomorrow. I try to do the finger food thing at least once a week.

I didn’t get to pickle the green tomatoes I bought. It’s a bit early for any kind of tomato, but I got excited. They’re good on BLTs and also with buratta.

I hate WordPress’s auto image editing. But I’ve been super lazy about uploading to Flickr.


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