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The Weekend

I’d just planned dinner at Talde with Dave & Karrell, but Ryan and I were so excited we decided to bike there for brunch on Saturday. It was a shitty day, so it wasn’t too crowded. We had a great server and she started us off with a couple of Bloody Marys – spicy and garnished with pickled ginger and celery:
Brunch at Talde

For food we ordered the Lobster Bao Buns (which is like saying Lobster Bun Buns since bao basically means bun, DALE), which were good & spicy with huge chunks of lobster:
Brunch at Talde

Also the shiitake-spinach-scallion chang fun which were a little vinegary, a good contrast to the sausage-egg-cheese fried rice:
Brunch at Talde

I wanted something sweet so I suggested getting some scoops at Sky Ice, where I got Lychee Rose sorbet (too sweet for me!) and Black Sesame Ice Cream. I wish I’d gotten Thai Tea as well – Ryan got it and it is slightly bitter, so it went really well with the Lychee Rose.Sky Ice
There are actually tiny flecks of rose petals mixed in. And also little strips of nori.

For dinner we made this black olive salsa and also had last night’s leftovers – paté, piave, mortadella. Nothing too crazy because we had a concert to go to (after which Ryan bought a slice of Junior’s strawberry cheesecake to bring home).

On Sunday I gave Ryan two options already knowing which one he’d choose: Filipino brunch (Mom gave me some frozen bangus/milkfish last time I saw her) or dim sum. So we headed to East Harbor Seafood Restaurant in Dyker Heights. I am Chinese but the dialect I speak is the Taiwanese “hokkien,” so was completely lost here, where Cantonese is spoken.
Dim sum

But we survived – we managed to get ourselves on the list and seated within 5 minutes, ordered a pot of pu’er, and out-ate the mother-daughter FOB team sitting across from us.
Dim sum

Dim sum
This place has the best egg tarts! We got them still warm – my favorite.

Afterwards I still wanted more dessert – I was craving that one that is milk with red bean, grass jelly, and tapioca – no idea what it’s called but if I didn’t have to chew that shit it’d be sucked down in a flash. I thought Quickly was in the area but it turns out that Google Maps is a goddamned liar so instead we went to the Chinese grocery by the train station and got shrimp for dinner:
Salad & Scampi
I peeled & deveined the shrimp, then worked on the salad. Ryan finished up the pasta, just a standard shrimp scampi with grape tomatoes, garlic, sauvignon blanc, red pepper flakes, and parsley, finished with breadcrumbs.

I’m not too happy with the salad – I wish I’d left out the romaine. But at least the pasta was good!


Dear Dale, I’m not stalking you…

…but seriously your food is delicious. I’ve been to Talde three times now. The first time was with a larger group and we ordered pretty much everything on the menu – great way to try out a new restaurant. The second time was last week with two of my oldest and bestest, and the third time Wednesday night with Ryan, who missed the dinner last week and wanted to hit that Oyster & Bacon Pad Thai again. These are not my photos, but wanted to give you an idea of what the food looks like. You can click on them to go to the user’s Flickr pages.

I’m 99.9% sure that Dale Talde is Filipino, but his influences range from all over Asia. Standout dishes are the Perilla Leaf, Shrimp Toast, Lobster Tom Kha, Oyster & Bacon Pad Thai, and Whole Market Fish. And the Black Pepper Toast, which sounds weird but is super buttery and fluffy and good. I thought it was Texas toast at first but later learned it’s sliced bread from Tai Pan Bakery. Even better because I don’t like Texas toast.

Another thing I love is the Halo Halo, which is a riff on the traditional Filipino shaved ice dessert. Usually it’s made with evaporated milk, crispy rice, red beans, coconut jelly, jackfruit, saging (mini bananas), taro paste (or ice cream!), and topped with flan. But this craziness is nata de coco (the coconut jelly), Cap’n Crunch, roasted bananas, colored sago (tapioca balls), shaved buko (young coconut) and jackfruit. I think they use regular milk. What ensues is a kind of breakfast trash bowl on crack. It’s amaaaaaazing.

Korean fried chicken is cooked perfectly but the sauce coating reminds me of kimchi juice and the skin is sadly not as crispy as the typical twice-fried Bonchon/Kyochon/Mad For Chicken/UFC variety. The Kare Kare Shortribs need more flavor – sad because this is one of my favorite dishes, traditionally made with fatty oxtail. I kind of want him to come up with his own version of sinangag, which is basically garlic rice.

If you DO want to stalk Dale Talde, check this out. Ryan and I spotted him at Mile End last-last weekend.

pretzel dumpling - talde restaurant, nyc

Brooklyn - Park Slope: Talde - Whole Market Fish

Brooklyn - Park Slope: Talde - Crispy oyster & bacon pad thai

Halo-halo at Talde