I’ve always loved to cook. I used to make Kraft Deluxe mac & cheese and teriyaki burgers for my brother and grandpa after school, and I’ve progressed from there. I’ve worked in kitchens/restaurants and have learned a lot about cooking, flavor profiles, and wine pairing through those experiences and also from trial & error. I cook like my mom and eat like my dad. I live with my boyfriend the chef and we take turns being each other’s sous chefs. These are our kitchen and restaurant adventures.

I love: meat on sticks (wings, yakitori, ribs), BBQ, sushi, ramen, antipasto, vegetables, pickles, and Peking duck
I hate: Philly cheesesteaks, green peppers, fake meat, and melted cheddar

P.S. If you found me via Google, this is the website you’re looking for. It’s this is why YOU’RE fat dot com. Not this is why I’M fat dot com. I get it though, the first step is admitting you have a problem.

P.P.S. It is now July 2015, about 3 years after I first wrote this. We now have a KID. His name is Enzo, we love him to pieces, and we are hoping that he follows in our food-loving footsteps.


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