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The Hangover

First I have to preface this by saying that we were pretty hungover on Sunday and therefore did not have all our brains on deck. My coworker had a small get-together at his place on Saturday as a pre-birthday party for his girlfriend, and I may or may not have almost helped him finish an entire bottle of Black Maple Hill Bourbon. The problem (is there a problem with drinking too much bourbon??) was that Ryan and I were sharing a glass, and we felt like we had to keep up with each other. So we kept drinking until about 2am.

Nom Wah Tea Parlor
Dim sum at Nom Wah. Out of the 8 things we ordered, I only liked two: the shrimp and snow pea leaves dumplings and the pork shumai. Everything else was just blah: taro dumplings, original eggroll, jar leong, crab claw encased in shrimp paste (whyyyyyyy), soup dumplings, and scallion pancakes. Did we order the wrong things? You tell me. The space itself is cool, and I really wanted to like it. The food wasn’t bad at all but East Harbor is just so much better. And they have better desserts.

@bhonnyc I finally did it! #aurareading #auraphotography #icanseeyourauraanditspurple #what #purple
Over to Magic Jewelry to get aura readings. They were pretty accurate, considering she had no prior knowledge of us and we didn’t tell her anything about ourselves. So maybe there is some truth to it. Basically, I will have some good luck coming to me soon (money or good relationships) and Ryan will be working his ass off and be stressed out. We both have stomach problems (no shit, after all that bourbon), as well as weakness in our backs and legs (sedentary job, standing in a kitchen all day, busted ACL….) so she suggested smokey quartz to help out. Any excuse to buy more crystals is a good one to me!

The new Chinatown Fair
We watched a couple of urban soccer league games in Chinatown then headed to Chinatown Fair. It was awful, just awful. Fruit Ninja?? The best games they had there from its former self were Time Crisis and Marvel VS. Capcom. Lame.

Coleman Playground Skatepark
Ryan surprised me with a trip to a skate park I had no idea existed, under the Manhattan Bridge.

Nooo Stuart Little!
Then he pointed out something else to me.

Uni Ikura Soba at Soba Koh
Massages, then dinner at Soba Koh. Uni Ikura Soba pictured. I got the Goma Dare Soba, expecting to pour the sobayu into the sauce. They didn’t bring it! So sad.

Baohaus for dessert. The pork belly is perfect, especially with the sweet sugar peanuts that taste like my childhood (Google “lumpia sariwa”).

Came home to watch Game of Thrones, drink tea, eat Momo Milk Bar cookies, and RELAX. All those Manhattan people stress. Me. Out.