I have a mini Stomachmonster

His name is Enzo, he’s 7 months old, and we are just starting him on solids.

So that’s where I’ve been the past year and a half.

We started him on Ella’s Kitchen & Plum Organics fruit pouches and it took about a week for him to figure out how to swallow those. I’ve been slowly making him pureed foods and will let him taste things as I eat.

Here’s what has worked and what hasn’t:

Avocados: no dice
Sweet potatoes: he’s not sure of this yet, it was too thick in the beginning and most recently we tried it with some butter and very finely minced pioppini mushrooms from the green market. He ate about 3-4 spoons.
Broccoli: I just got word today that he barfed it up all over himself. We will try again.
Butternut squash + lacinato kale: HELLLLL NO.

I’ve basically just started giving him tastes of whatever I’m eating at the time. Congee and dan tat at dim sum, a tiny piece of beef from a Shack Burger, an orange slice, a castelvetrano olive. He really likes the olives. He’ll also gnaw on a raw apple.

With solid food of course comes solid poop. We had our first this weekend. We were playing on the yoga mat (he is almost crawling) and all of a sudden he went quiet and put his head down. I thought he was passing out so I went to pick him up and smelled something foul as hell. Turns out he was just squeezing a log out. Baby boy!

Now that I’m starting to try to emerge from my babby k-hole I’m going to try blogging here again so stay tuned.


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