It’s summertime

Summer is almost over! We are in August and there’s so much I haven’t gotten to do yet, despite all the things we HAVE been doing. I have no complaints. Except for one thing: no seafood boil this year.

Last year Ryan lived in a top floor apartment that had a roofdeck and full-sized grill. We invited friends over for a seafood boil and made rice & beans, cole slaw, and 2 different desserts.

We didn’t start out to recreate that in our dinner but we had some of the ingredients at home and we managed to compromise on a seafood salad for dinner since we’ve been eating a LOT of meat lately. So here’s our Seafood Boil Salad:

Uber close up of our giant seafood boil x salad dinner. Blogged at the usual place. #homecooking #casapuerco
Steamed Dungeness crab, shrimp and bacon cooked in its own fat, raw sweet corn, steamed asparagus, potatoes, tomatoes. Lettuce from Quinciple and a lemon zaatar dressing. It’s just a salad but all the components had to be prepped separately. Worth it though. The crab tasted buttery – the secret is to only steam it for about 10-12 minutes. We got ours in BK Chinatown for $2.99/lb.
I sauteed some bacon and scallions together with a tiny bit of olive oil, then added deveined shrimp that I had seasoned with salt and pepper. Shrimp are really easy to over cook – just do them on each side for about a minute. Flip them once, then turn the heat off. They’ll keep cooking in the hot pan.
Corn is a pain to take off the cob, but Ryan got me a big ass serrated knife for Christmas as a stocking stuffer. I also cut the cobs in half to make it easier and less messy.
Everything else is pretty self explanatory.

This week’s Quinciple box also had peaches and a vanilla bean. But instead of making their suggested marscarpone cheese (also in the box) and peach dessert, I decided to make a galette, which is basically an unformed tart. I used this recipe from the NY Times and used the peaches and vanilla. Also I added a tablespoon of Black Maple Hill bourbon for an extra kick. I also didn’t have whole wheat flour so I used all unbleached all-purpose flour. Which negates the “for health” part of the recipe I guess. But there is still fruit!

Bourbon & peaches

The peaches turned out great but the crust was too bread-like for my liking. I’d like something a little more like shortbread and less puffy. I’ll keep experimenting.

Bourbon peach galette

In other news, I made matcha chocolate chip cookies but I will show you those in a couple of days.

In the meantime



#sunset/#moonrise #prospectheights #brooklyn #rooftopview #CasaPuerco

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These are photos I took from my rooftop. The skies this summer have been really beautiful, and I like going up there to watch the sunset.


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