Happy Meat Day

@quinciple 4th of July box yielded bacon cheeseburgers for 2. The bacon is IN the burger meat. Just add onion & ketchup. Quick-blogged at https://stomachmonster.wordpress.com #homecooking #stomachmonster #casapuerco

Just a gratuitous meat post. Our Quinciple box this week was geared toward the 4th of July meat fest. We got sesame buns, a bacon burger blend, ONE tomato, a head of delicious weird-looking lettuce, cheddar, beef sausage, cherries, whipping cream, basil, green garlic, raspberries, and giant portobellos.

So duh, we made giant burgers last night. To the burger meat I added Worcestershire sauce, garlic powder, chopped parsley from last week’s box, salt, pepper, and Maggi.

It was delicious and smoky, but too much for me to finish.

My only disappointment in the box was the tiny jar of Empire Mayonnaise, which is $6 for 4 oz. It’s GMO-free etc etc. However the texture is like that of frosting which is in itself disconcerting. But this also makes it hard to mix, and the taste and mouthfeel is just not right. It is definitely non-delicious. I’ve tried their other flavors at Smorgasburg and did not like them at all. Luckily for me its HQ is located 2 blocks from home, so I can not buy it whenever I pass by.


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