Farm to Stomach Monsters

I heard about Quinciple on Grub Street and decided to check it out. Basically, each week you get a box delivered (or you pick it up in Brooklyn) of farmer’s market ingredients. The box comes with information on each ingredient, as well as recipe cards should you need some inspiration.

Ryan and I have just gotten our second box and we are loving it so far. Here are a few things we’ve made:

Pan seared pollock with dill potatoes,
Pollock with dill potatoes. Also on the side: roasted fennel and garlic scapes, with tomatoes.

Sugar snap peas, mint, lemon over ricotta
Sugar snap peas with lemon zest & juice, mint, parsley over ricotta.

White anchovies & North Sea Rye bread
White anchovies from Paisano’s and North Sea Rye bread – this is made with a few different kinds of flour, flax seeds, and wheat berries, which lend a nutty flavor and chewy texture. It’s dense and lasts a couple of days – I love it.

Baby rainbow beets
Baby rainbow beets, trimmed and washed…

Spigarello with baby rainbow beets, winter wheat berries, and toasted hazelnuts
Our veggie side tonight featuring those rainbow beets (roasted), spigarello (a cross between broccoli and kale?), toasted hazelnuts, and winter wheat berries. I cooked it in garlic, added some balsamic vinegar, and a drop of orange oil. Beets and oranges go really well together – I could’ve also had this as a salad, with shaved raw beets and sliced clementines. Yummy!

Summer zucchini with parsley, mint
Summer squash sliced thinly, with olive oil, salt, pepper, red wine vinegar, and lots of parsley and mint. Special ingredient: fish sauce!

Strawberry Rhubarb Jam, Rhubarb Syrup
Strawberry-rhubarb jam and rhubarb syrup. We got some really great, sweet wild strawberries but they are delicate and didn’t fare well on the trip home so I used most of them for the jam. The rhubarb is from last week’s box. I made the syrup to drizzle over yogurt or ice cream and also to make mimosas with. Rhumosas?

I realize this is pretty lazy since I live quite close to the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket. However the pick up location for our box is convenient, and it is nice to have a variety of things I might normally never buy. Wheat berries, spigarello, and different breads, to name a few. Also, having a ready-packed box takes some of the menu planning out of our hands which is a good thing. We cook at home A LOT and it is tiresome to try to put together a menu that agrees with both of us night after night. So this provides a basis for that. There are a lot of fruits and vegetables, as well as dry goods and meat. So it’s a well-balanced box.

It’s a pretty good deal at under $40, and with a few extra ingredients you’ve got dinner for two. You can cancel at any time, or skip a week or more if needed. I like this better than a CSA because you get different ingredients every week. I’m learning about new produce and products, as well as producers. I haven’t used any of the recipe cards yet but they are quite nice to have. If you’re in Manhattan or Brooklyn I highly recommend checking it out.


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