Shit we ate during the hurricane

I was half expecting Sandy to break up before she hit us like Irene did, so we didn’t go too crazy prepping for hurricane food. Also, we didn’t go all nuts in one place either. Stocked with leftovers, frozen food, and some new ingredients, we did okay. And managed to get pizza delivered on Monday night.

Tooker Alley cocktails
On Saturday we had plans to go to a few different Halloween parties, but we got the hurricane blues early (and lazy) and ended up at Tooker Alley on Washington, a few blocks south of us, with Mimi and Anthony. I dressed up, tho my Two Bit Matthews costume looked more Williamsburg hipster than S.E. Hinton greaser. Cute little bar specializing in cocktails, which were hit or miss. I had the Jala Piña which was super delicious, and the Hobo Julep, which was good but oddly medicinal.

Char Siu So
The next day we had dim sum at East Harbor…apparently the day to go is during a hurricane weekend, because we were seated within two minutes of checking in. We sat in prime real estate, by the door where all the food was coming out from. So we got dibs on fresh char siu so, egg custard tarts, tofu fa, har gow, shu mai, etc etc etc just as they were coming out from the kitchen.

Afterwards we headed to Fei Long Market on 8th Ave, which is a huge Chinese supermarket. It was crowded as hell with strollers, granny carts, pallet jacks, and people stocking up for the apocalypse. We made one loop, grabbed our shit, and ran.

Bass smothered with scallions, lemon, bacon, cilantro, garlic, white wine
We scored a pretty big seabass steak and baked it in the oven on a bed of cilantro and scallions, topped with white wine, bacon, more cilantro and scallions, garlic, red onions, and lemon. This with some sauteed spinach, rice, and miso soup. I bought kombu and bonito to make dashi – good to have tons of that stuff frozen and stocked.

Bourbon, whiskey
Bourbon and whiskey. I went a little fancy and made myself a bourbon cocktail with apple juice and rosemary. That’s how we do.

Miso soup made with bass leftovers
Leftover miso soup with tofu, leftover seabass, rice. So delicious – I love seafood in miso soup.

Putanesca, Caesar Salad
Tomorrow we have to go back to work despite the subways still being shut down. That should be interesting. For dinner I made spaghetti putanesca and Caesar salad.
Putanesca is just: garlic, anchovies, canned fire roasted tomatoes (or San Marzanos if you fancy), kalamata olives, capers, basil, oregano/parsley/etc.
My dad used to tell me that it’s called putanesca because they served it in whore houses to give the women energy. But I think it’s more “mala femina” where wifey doesn’t have time to go to the market and so then throws a bunch of stuff together to make a delicious sauce. Life lessons.

I hope everyone is doing well – we were lucky enough to miss the worst of the storm. Power and internet never went out, nor did our water. A tinge of cabin fever is the only thing we’re suffering from. If you’re able-bodied, Brooklyn Based has a list of ways you can volunteer and help.


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