Ass backwards

Sunday started off normally enough, with brunch at Tom’s. Ryan and I both ordered the corned beef hash breakfast, mine with grits and his with homefries. And also a side of bacon.


Then we headed into the city for our hot stone massages, which I booked via Lifebooker at East Beauty Day Spa. $29 for an hour massage + hot stones. It’s in the middle of Chinatown right off Canal St, and it shares an entrance with Fay Da Bakery’s back of house operations, but dammit we walked out of there all wiggly jiggly and floating on clouds. They’re also selling their own vouchers for the same treatment for $35 now, so get on it. I guess you can drop my name. Anyway long story short, best massage I’ve had in a really long time.

We originally wanted to go to Curry Ya, but with the heat/humidity I wasn’t feeling curried fried things. So we decided to go with Sobaya for something cooler. They weren’t open yet at 4pm so we went to Chikalicious first. This was my third time but I haven’t been here in about six years or so. Still so delicious, although three of the items on the menu have been on there for the past eight years.

Amuse at Chikalicious
The amuse, yogurt with blueberries and yellow watermelon sorbet. This was so delicious – really great mixture of flavors and textures. Creamy, icy, sweet, tart. Super refreshing.

Dessert first at Chikalicious
Ryan got the Fromage Blanc cheesecake island thing with sherry and I ordered the Darjeeling Panna Cotta with plum sorbet and gelees. It came with Moscato d’Asti. I tried to make this for him back in November for his birthday, with a tangerine granita instead. Needless to say, mine was not as light or silky as this, even after throwing out the first batch. Need to tweak the recipe, obviously.

Petits Fours at Chikalicious

Petits fours for the end – coconut marshmallows, chocolate cookies, and pecan sandies. I think I’ve unleashed a monster because I can see us making many return trips here. Fine by me, as long as we always do dessert first. It’s a timing thing.

Soba at Sobaya. Ryan was craving uni and so ordered the Uni & Grated Mountain Yam soba. I ordered Ikura & Grated Daikon. The soba here is not as good as Sobakoh’s – some of it was stuck together and it was not as fresh-tasting. Also, a lot of them were broken! Gah. Grated mountain yam (tororo) has a texture not unlike snot, which is off-putting. It’s a weird dish to eat, and I much prefer the Uni Ikura Soba at Sobakoh.

Dinner was a mixture of antipasto and cold cuts from Whole Foods (prosciutto di Parma, mortadella, gigante beans, olives, marinated mushrooms) as well as a wedge of morbier and some Innis & Gunn and Alba Scot’s Pine Ale. True Blood & The Newsroom are on tonight. Great way to end this day of languid hedonism. Ha.


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