La la leftovers


I had a pretty rough Monday. Mostly better now, but I wanted to take it easy for dinner. So what does Ryan suggest but risotto, only the most tedious rice dish ever invented! But really, after spending 7 hours in a 10×8 room all day we deserved something delicious.
So we made risotto with leftover crab, shrimp, and broth. Also a kale salad with nectarines and avocado.

Basic risotto:
Sautee shallots in olive oil and butter over med-high heat. Add rice and cook for about 10 minutes, until toasted and hot. Add about 3/4 cup white wine and reduce, then start adding the broth slowly. Stir-stir-stir-stir. Do not stop stirring. Keep adding broth slowly and stirring. When it’s almost done (when the rice is creamy and no longer raw, you can taste it), add the seafood. Grate some cheese (not too much) and stir. To serve: plate it up, sprinkle some chopped scallions, drizzle some good balsamic.
Since we were using leftovers our proteins were already cooked. If you’re not doing the same or if you’re doing veggies, mushrooms, etc. you would cook them separately and then add them to the rice. Right? It’s not that hard, just time consuming.

For the salad: clean kale off the stalks (hold one stalk at a time from the bottom, take a sharp knife, and “chip” the kale leaves away from you) and chop thinly. Cut up an avocado, cut up some nectarines. Make some basic ass vinaigrette. Toss everything together and let stand for about 15 mins before serving. It’s also delicious the next day. One of my coworkers saw me plating up lunch at work (more leftovers, yay!) and asked, “Where did you get that??” “I made it, homie.” “I’ll pay you to make some for me too!”

Ding ding ding ding ding! Side biz in the making? Um..nah.


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