Rooftop Seafood Narf

Ryan and I have been wanting to go to a crawfish boil. It never happened so we decided to host a seafood boil ourselves on his rooftop. So we invited friends and got a shitload of seafood – shrimp, dungeness crab, Canada lobsters.
He saved some corn broth from boiling corn at work and brought it all home in a huge army-sized pot. We did everything on the grill…

Summer seafood boil
Seafood!!! Everything was delicious and spicy. Crab is such a pain in the ass but it’s my favorite. The meat is really sweet, and you don’t even need crackers. You just bite through the shell and rip it apart. And the crab fat in the body (alige, as it’s called in Tagalog) is delicious. I wasn’t feeling the best so I didn’t eat it but I’m gonna hit more crab up this summer. Laurea dug straight in and slapped it on some potatoes. Need to try that!

Seafood & fixins
For sides I made red cabbage slaw and rice & beans.

Blueberry Slump
I made blueberry slump on the grill and served it with ice cream. I didn’t even know if it would work because you’re supposed to bake it…but it’s super simple. You can make the dough ahead, and then you cook up the blueberries, citrus juices, and sugar on the grill. Then you just slop the dumpling/biscuit dough into it and cover up the grill. 20+ mins later and it’s good to go.

Lime Bars
Dessert #2: Lime bars! I love lemon bars but these are a really great, tart alternative. Also super easy. I made these the day before and just kept it in the fridge. Then the day of, I just dusted it with powdered sugar and kept it in the fridge til we wanted to serve it. So good and refreshing!

Rooftop buddies
After eating and drinking we played a game of Werewolf led by David. A great relaxing afternoon with friends – wish we could do this more often. Outdoor space is so precious in NYC…


2 responses to “Rooftop Seafood Narf

  1. Hi, your pictures on food are amazingly looking tempting! I have been reading your stuff on flickr and thought I might leave some comment to say I enjoy your pics and blog! I tried some of your home made salads with sea food and it was really good!

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