Around the world in 2 kitchens

Steak dinner
The other night Ryan wanted steak again. So he headed to Los Paisanos and picked up some filets. I grabbed some potatoes, broccoli rabe, mushrooms, corn and we ate this. Filet topped with bleu cheese. The grill was out of gas so Ryan sauteed everything. Meat and potatoes, a nice, light meal for this 90-degree weather! These are all of our favorite things, and corn is at its peak right now. It’s so sweet you barely have to cook it, if at all. Meat and po-tay-toes.

Salade NiçoiseI really wanted a salad for dinner but I had to make it hearty enough to satisfy El Hefe. So I made Salade Niçoise. It looks like a lot but it’s pretty easy. You boil potatoes, green beans, and some eggs. Cut up some tomatoes, cucumbers (I used English/seedless), and radishes. Arrange everything in “stripes” and top with good quality tuna. The kind packed in olive oil in a jar, not that “Chicken of the Sea” stuff. Top with anchovies. Season with salt and pepper. For the dressing, I did lemon juice, dijon mustard, a bit of red wine vinegar, shallots, extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper. That’s it. We always have anchovies on hand at both our homes … One time at Fairway I saw a giant jar of them and freaked out. Best present ever!

On Tuesday night I made fish tacos for the homies. I bought cleaned and gutted basa in Chinatown. It’s really simple – I just used this recipe from Saveur. They now make chipotle in adobo sauce in squeeze bottles so there’s no real need to buy a whole can of them to just use a little bit and then dump the rest. I didn’t follow any of the measurements – I just did what I thought was right. I served them with corn tortillas that I heated on med-low heat in an un-oiled skillet to soften them up, and also some radishes.
The next morning I made migas with the remains, which basically means tossing everything in scrambled eggs with torn up tortillas, then topping with tomatoes, sour cream, avocados, whatever you’ve got. It’s a great way to use up your leftovers.

Last night we made katsu curry with some pork chops. I use Golden Curry but there are several different brands to choose from. The pork got the flour-egg wash-panko treatment before frying, and I made a sweet corn and tomato salad on the side with a shallot vinaigrette (red wine vinegar, shallots, evoo, salt, pepper, and Dijonnaise as there was no regular Dijon mustard on hand). Going forward I might use Dijonnaise in all dressings because it lends a really creamy quality. I love accidents like this! I also love using stuff up. We made plain nishiki rice and served it with some pickled ramps on the side. They help to cut the fried/curry flavors. I’ve been meaning to take Ryan to Curry-Ya on E 10th but this will have to hold us over til then.
Tonight we are making bibim kuksu, which is soba topped with kimchi and veggies. The sauce is just kimchi juice, soy sauce, sesame oil, and rice vinegar. One of Ryan’s purveyors gifted him with a jar today so we are going to pop that sucker open and eat the shit out of it. Feasting for nothing. Awesome!


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