It’s hot

Every year New York gets butt nasty. But every year we still complain about how hot it is and how we wish it was winter. I don’t mind the heat, it’s the humidity that’s gross – stepping out of the shower and still feeling sticky – that is the worst. I’m up to 3-a-days – you’d think living in a tropical country for 6+ years would have prepared me better, but I can’t do it. I’m melting.

Despite the heat, we still want to eat ramen. So we do.

Summer Crab Mazemen at Yuji
Our first time eating at Yuji Ramen – we went with Mimi & Anthony on Friday. We had the Uni Mazement at the first Brooklyn Ramen Event where they partnered with Chuko. This is crab, arugula, a squeeze of lime… Really delicious but the portion was so tiny. It’s about half the amount of noodles you’d get in a normal bowl of ramen. We also had the fried shishitos and fluke sashimi. I’ve taken to using my Seafood Watch app when dining out, and this fluke was from DC, which the app said was a “good alternative.” I’ll take it.

Mentaiko-bacon Mazemen at Chuko
On Sunday we were headed to MoMA for a party so I wanted something quick and easy. I called ahead and Chuko said they had mazemen and cold ramen specials so that’s where we ended up. Ryan and I both got the mazemen, which was tossed in butter with mentaiko, bacon, shiso, and a bit of kombu broth. I liked this much better than Yuji’s – it was tastier and more filling. It was also a bigger portion of noodles.

There’s another BK Ramen event coming up on Monday the 9th, it’s six courses for $70 and Chuko is partnering up with Shigetoshi Nakamura of the Ramen Lab for this event. Sadly, I won’t be able to go but you should check it out and let me know how it is!


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