The Stomach Monster Diet

Grub Street is a necessary evil. One of my favorite columns is The New York Diet (now called The Grub Street Diet I think) which is a weekly where they ask semi-famous NY-ers to keep a journal of what they ate that week. I’ve always loved reading it – I guess it’s kind of one of the reasons I like to keep a food blog. Here are a few of my favorites, from the more recent posts:

Jim Nelson of GQ, whose dislike of fancy dinners and contempt for dumb things people say echo mine.
Rae Cohen & Noah Bermanoff of Mile End Delicatessen. One of my favorite spots.
Melissa Clark, food writer. Bone marrow for breakfast!

I’m not proclaiming to be a semi-famous New Yorker but this is my food blog so you’re going to read about what I ate this week. Sorry for the double post on Minetta Tavern.

Saturday: I woke up and put a couple of Trader Joe’s mini croissants in the oven for me and Ryan. They are surprisingly good – you just have to remember to put them out the night before so they can defrost and rise. They also make really good frozen chocolate croissants. We ate these with Bonne Maman blackberry preserves & gen macha. I buy it loose.
For lunch I made a riff on these quesadillas. I used sour cream, and added anchovies, capers, and pickled ramps. I made two of them and washed them down with some sweet tea that Ryan brewed the night before.
For a snack I had a handful of dark chocolate covered blueberries from Trader Joe’s but I wasn’t feeling the sweet so I sliced up some salami instead from Les Trois Petits Cochons (3 little pigs for the Franco-challenged). It’s the best grocery store-bought salami we’ve found.
I’d made reservations for Betto through Savored – we were going to see Asobi Seksu + others at Brooklyn Bowl that night and I wanted to have dinner in the area.
Golden Ratio
We ordered some cocktails to start, I had one called the Golden Ratio with mezcal, tequila, grapefruit, and other things in it, Ryan ordered one with apple brandy and absinthe.
Crostini platter at Betto
Lamb special at Betto
We got the lamb special as well as the platter of 5 crostinis. Also the fluke crudo, which they forgot about until the very end. Service was a bit spotty as our guy got quadruple sat but the food was good. I really love ‘ino and I’m glad to have Betto in Brooklyn. The chicken liver and white anchovy crostinis were my favorites. The lamb was good but my favorite part of that dish was the smashed potatoes. It came wish salsa verde and greek yogurt which we slathered all over the meat. At the show I had two pints of red sangria and Ryan had two Crown & Cokes.
We got home and he was starving at 1am so we ordered delivery from Pino’s which I’ve never ordered from before. With good reason. A pepperoni pizza order came with red bell peppers on it, and the Greek salad was basically just cheese and onions. I also had a coconut water before going to bed.

Sunday: We woke up and didn’t have any breakfast – it took us a while to get going. We had lunch at Milk Bar which is one of my favorite spots. I had a fresh limeade and scrambled eggs and avocado on brioche. Ryan had a cappuccino and full eggs, which are toasted pieces of sourdough with ham, gruyere, tomatoes, poached eggs, and avocado. We took Milton to the park and there was a food truck rally there so I got a dark chocolate shake from Milk Truck. You know, a snack.
Before destruction
Dinner was at PokPokNY which opened about a month ago. We met some friends there as well as my roommates and ordered a ton of food. It is really great to have friends who are willing to travel and eat like pigs. Standouts were the catfish and noodle salad with dill as well as the khao soi. Also the smokey grilled eggplant salad and Chiang Mai sausage. The cocktails were also delicious – I had the Tamarind Whiskey Sour and Ryan had the Southside, which was gin-based, with mint syrup and lemon. For dessert we got the condensed milk ice cream with espresso (Affogato), which came with fried crullers. Such full bellies made it hard to bike home.
Pok Pok Affogato
It really was worth the wait – D&L put our names in right at 5:30 when they opened and we were sat closer to 7pm. For once, something lived up to the hype!
Clear eyes, Full stomachs

Monday: For breakfast I had some OJ and Cap’n Crunch out of a red Solo cup. Yeah, it’s like that at work. For lunch I wanted to take it kinda easy because of all the eating we did this weekend (it’s usually not like that, I swear!) and because we had another feast at Minetta Tavern planned for tonight. So I got a small thing of white Japanese rice from…Rice and I went to Foragers and got a half pound of broccolini. I stash chazuke packets  in my desk drawer so I ate that with the rice – just add water. Also, a lemon Snapple. Made from the best stuff on earth, tastes like the worst shit in the universe. Blech!
We had dinner at Minetta Tavern to celebrate our 1 yr anniversary –  I know….It’s more an excuse to eat out more than anything! I had a glass of sparkling rosé and Ryan had Old Speckled Hen on draught. To start we got the bone marrow app and oxtail-foie terrine. I know. I know. Then we each got the Black Label burger. I got a glass of Bordeaux. Chocolate souffle for two. I wanted to cry – tastes so good, no space left! I even took the burger off the bun and stopped eating the fries (which are so good…).  Such a good dinner, I just wish I’d had more space to eat it all.

Tuesday: Breakfast was just a Special K cereal bar (strawberry) and OJ. For lunch I had wild mushroom agnolotti and jarred Prego marinara with some romano cheese grated into it, and leftover cubed saussicon sec. I like to use everything up in the fridge if possible. I don’t usually snack at work but today I had a single serving of hummus and some baby carrots, as well as a few mini Twix. Also, lots of water. Dinner was Trader Joe’s frozen cioppino. Has anyone else noticed that there is less seafood in there now? For dessert I had 3/4 of a Turkey Hill vanilla ice cream sandwich. I’m afraid after the crazy first few days the rest of this diary will be boring because we’re trying to take it easy this week.

Wednesday: Once a week I have to come into Manhattan to pick up mail for work. I try to do this on Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays so I can hit the Greenmarket.
Union Square GreenmarketToday I picked up a small basket of little strawberries – I miss these so much from California. They’re not as sweet as those (sunbaked = best), but still better than the gargantuan supermarket Driscolls. I also stopped into City Bakery on my way back to Brooklyn. I usually alternate between the blueberry corn muffin and maple bacon biscuit. I got the biscuit today and ate it at work with some gen macha and strawberries.
For lunch I brought something healthy since I’ve been eating like crazy the past few days – kale and farro salad with avocado and tomato, and a shallot vinaigrette. I also snacked on strawberries all day, then met my old coworker Dan for ice cream. We’re right down the street from Jacques Torres’ ice cream spot, and I got the spicy chocolate ice cream in a cone. Dare I say, Ample Hills’ Mexican Hot Chocolate is way better. There’s a weird aftertaste in Jacques’. Sorry dude, I had to toss it after I got halfway through it. I also had half of a Mini Babybel cheese wheel. It’s like plastic cheese – I couldn’t finish.
For dinner, I met Ryan at the grocery store. He’d brought home some beets as they’d just taken them off the menu, and I came with honey chevre, pickled ramps, and vinaigrette I’d made this morning.
Grilled scallions and pork chops w/ prosciutto
We grilled up some pork chops, the beets, and some scallions.
Roasted beet-honey chevre-arugula salad
I made an arugula-beet-chevre salad, and we ate the pork chops with prosciutto on top. Also a quick sauce made of apricot preserves and chopped pickled ramps. We bought a bottle of wine on the way home also, a Picpoul which was lemony but still strong enough to pair with the salad and pork. No dessert – we read World War Z and James and the Giant Peach on the couch.

Thursday: Breakfast was semi-gross. I biked to work today and it was about 90 degrees out. I had a Special K chocolate granola bar and peach Snapple at work. Blech. I managed to hold out til lunch – I had a leftover pork chop from last night, plus that apricot-ramp concoction, plus kale and farro. Still pretty healthy I guess.
I met my knitting group at No 7 in Fort Greene where they have a pretty decent happy hour – $3 pints, $5 well drinks, $9 cocktails and $3 broccoli tacos. I had a pint and taco, which is done in the Taco Bell style except for the one important fact that it doesn’t send me straight to the shitter. In fact they are quite delicious, with a layer of black bean mash between the taco shells, and feta-broccoli-pignolis inside. Really really good. Two pints to wash that and some french fries down.
Ryan met me there and after hanging out for a bit we went to Taro on Flatbush for sushi. I’m super skeptical of sushi in these parts but Taro is actually pretty decent. We got a small bottle of Sho Chiku Bai, miso soup, seaweed salad, the special tuna app (4 kinds of tuna nigiri style), 2 rolls, and 2 of the uni specials.
Taro Sushi
The uni special was two pieces either sushi or sashimi style, one each from Maine and California. I liked the California one best, for it’s brininess, Ryan liked the one from Maine better for its sweet and creamy texture. I love uni so much so much so much! However when I checked my Seafood Watch app, I learned that both of these varieties were not in season. GOOD JOB, ME! For penance I will compost all of next week and walk my ass all the way up to Hollenback Garden in Clinton Hill to drop it off. Hating myself a little bit, but damn that uni was delicious.

Friday: WE ALL GOT LOCKED INSIDE!! I ate Cap’n Crunch cereal instead of my roommates. 12pm and the locksmith is still not here, so I make what’s left of the mushroom agnolotti with marinara, some grated romano cheese. Also a kale salad with thinly sliced red onion and avocado, vinaigrette with a little honey. Also some iced tea. I’m mad I am missing DUB pies at the office, as Fridays is our team lunch day.
I worked from home and made a bunch of bracelets with leftover knotting cord from a previous girls’ craft brunch session.
For dinner I had plans to make chicken saltimboca with a kale-apple salad but it started downpouring and I was being a brat and didn’t have an umbrella to get all the groceries. Plus we had plans to see Moonrise Kingdom at Nitehawk. So we ordered in from Istanbul Park which was pretty stellar the first time. I got the mini appetizer platter which was about 6 different cold apps jammed into a small takeout container – it’s really a lot of food for only $12. Sadly they did not pack me a piece of their delicious Turkish bread which is chewy and crusty. Instead I got a dry ass pita that I couldn’t even swallow. Two glasses of Picpoul.
Cereal milk softserve + cornflakes
On our way to the theater we stopped by Momofuku Milk Bar on Metropolitan and each got cereal milk softserve with cornflakes and two chocolate chip-cornflake-marshmallow cookies. During the movie Ryan had two Jameson’s neat, and I had a glass of rosé and a glass of prosecco. We shared one of the cookies – seriously the best thing ever.
Before bed I had some coconut water.


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