Fridge post v2

I could SO BE A TIGER MOM. I guilt-tripped more friends into sending me fridge photos. Please enjoy the fruits of my assholery:

This is Cathy’s fridge (San Francisco). I’ve known Cathy since high school, when she transferred to ISM from JIS junior year.  She is married to Jay, a photographer and they have little Lucas, cutest button ever. Cathy and Jay are also the cutest buttons ever. Hence.

“As you can see, I shop at TJ’s a lot. Organic yogurt, milk, kefir, and ready made sandwich spreads are a must when you don’t have much free time. Perfect for whipping up sandwiches and smoothies on the fly. And yes, I love garlic. Vegetables are behind the bottles and exposed because if I don’t see it in plain view, I forget about it and it rots. So I keep everything OUT, hence the disorganization. When Jay has time, he organizes our fridge.”

“Top shelf bottles: apricot preserves (my fave) are great with nuts, cheese, apples and toast. Bay leaves are there for adobo, which I make weekly. And then Lucas’ supplements and allergy meds are there, too.”

“Freezer. Lucas loves his waffles and vanilla ice cream. There’s chicken for the adobo and a few frozen quick eats, ravioli, and more ice cream…”

“Fridge’s exterior is filled with family photos of me and my brothers, Lucas, Jay, and Lucas’ artwork. Oh, and poison control and his pediatrician’s numbers. A water plant on top for some air purification; a baby blender and rice cooker are always handy and used daily so I can sneak pureed veggies into Lucas’ smoothies. I have been wanting to paint the fridge but we’re renting so it stays white for now…”

Mimi & Anthony’s fridge (Brooklyn). I met Mimi when I worked at Snooth. (Actually, I worked at GramercyLabs which sort of encompasses Snooth, Popdust, Lot18). We live about half a block from each other and she’s always there when I need food/job advice or ideas. Remember that pizza party? That was at Mimi’s. A shared love for wine, uni, pizza & seasonal produce = winning.
“Your email address should be stomachmonsterishangry.
This is the outside of our freezer, mostly adorned with magnets of our travels together.  My boyfriend is a magnet collector.  We almost missed our ferry back from Martha’s Vineyard, because he HAD to buy a magnet.  The magnetic measuring spoon is a lot handier than it looks.”

Still feeling shy? There’s no need. Email me your submissions w/ a short blurb. Inside, outside, doesn’t matter.


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