Itty bitty fridge post

So I asked everyone on Facebook, Twitter, and even emailed people to send me photos of their fridge. A whopping four of you responded! Thanks to those below who offered to bare their fridges. I get it, you’re shy. Anyway I thought this would be fun, so enjoy. And as I get more photos (hopefully) I will be posting more. I gotta work out formatting issues, clearly.

I’m still taking submissions, so please email me your fridge photos + blurbs and links.

Annmarie’s fridge (NYC)
Artwork by her son Paul. How awesome is that chalkboard fridge!

From El & Mario (L.A.)
“The fridge at Dorsia. Our staple refreshments.”

Mel’s fridge (Brooklyn) – the door

Mel’s fridge – the inside. When I asked if she wanted a link back, she replied, “No. I want to clean my fridge before I own up to it.” It’s a lot cleaner than ours tho (hence the outside-only photo).

Tandi‘s fridge (Denmark)
“Red cabbage, champagne and kecap manis- that’s how we roll here!”


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