Show me your fridge

This is the 3G1A fridge (that’s 3 girls, 1 apartment, get it?). Various magnets from our travels (mostly mine, it looks like) as well as souvenir magnets from friends. See those food magnets? Galbi, kimchi, paejun from Sam. Magnets from my drive cross country – I picked one up for each state I drove through. A cute food guide reminding me to eat lots of carbs, which I don’t. Photos of friends, dead & alive. A photo of my new SVP drunk at a holiday party I didn’t attend. A taco menu from a place I rarely order from. And an earless, hornless rhino that has fallen off the fridge a few too many times. He guards the ice cream.

I need photos for a future post, so please email me photos of your fridge. This can be the outside or the inside, doesn’t matter. Please be sure to include your contact info in case I have questions (and I will). This is something I always wanted to do with my last blog but never got around to it.

So if you want to be featured, email stomachmonsterishongry [at] gmail [dot] come. You know the drill!


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