We’re not doing shit this weekend

I just organized all my drawers in lieu of going to the beach. Craziness, but since I rarely feel like cleaning my room, I decided to run with it.

Last night's dinner

I got my wish last night and we had ramp mayo with fried shrimp. Also corn on the cob and a potato salad that my friend Katie made once that I keep replicating. I don’t know what exactly goes into the dressing so I’ve made up my own:

New/Yukon Gold potatoes
Red grapes
Red onion
Lemon juice

Boil/steam/cook potatoes and let cool. Cut into big cubes. Meanwhile wash grapes and drain, clean cilantro, cut red onion into small bits. Dicing works well for this recipe.
To do the dressing, add lemon juice to mayo as well as paprika and cayenne. Rough chop a couple of cloves of peeled garlic, then using the flat side of the knife, grind it against the cutting board with some salt to create a paste. Mix this into the mayo, season with more salt if needed and some freshly ground pepper.
Toss. Cool. Eat.

That is it. Tomorrow we have a food trip to Flushing planned. Maybe we will get so high on Taiwanese shaved ice that I can get Ryan to sing karaoke duets all day. THAT WOULD BE NEAT.

Oh I made this new page, which I will be adding to little by little. So far it’s just got a recipe for a basic vinaigrette but I thought it would help to do thinks like that, and list what kinds of ingredients I have in my kitchen, etc.


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