This is us taking it easy

Eating out all the time can get gross and expensive. So sometimes we try to lay off for a bit. Which means we cook more at home and try to keep ingredient costs to a minimum.

I’d gone with Mimi to the Co-op to check it out (note: I will be joining now that Adrian Grenier has been booted) and ended up picking up some Maldon salt and ramps.

Grilled ramps, dogs, corn
Put em on the grill: ramps, hot dogs, corn. Even our buns were grilled. I also made a cabbage slaw that I’ve been making since I was about 12. Sheryl’s recipe: Quarter a head of red cabbage and cut the core out. Slice thinly. For every half cabbage, use a quarter of a small red onion. Slice thinly. Add homemade balasmic vinaigrette, grated parmesan cheese, toasted pignoli nuts. Salt & pepper. Keeps for a few days and gets better over time!

Bacon wrapped filet
I went to Trader Joe’s to pick up some meat, Ryan took care of the veggies. Plus we had leftover slaw. He wanted loaded baked potatoes but in the interest of keeping our ingredient count down, I managed roasted potatoes. Wrapped bacon around the filet, threw it on the grill. Bam.

Mom tacos
We have these at least twice a month – Ryan’s mom made these growing up. One night when we first started dating I hadn’t had dinner yet so he walked a bunch of leftovers over to me at 10pm (he’d eaten them for dinner) and made me some fresh tacos. I’m talking mini containers of condiments and cilantro-cheese-tomatoes. You just get the taco spice mix, sautee some onions and jalapenos, throw it all in with ground beef. Toast some tortillas, slather with cream cheese, add meat and fixins.

We had dinner at Talde (Yes, AGAIN!!) with Dave and Karrell on Thursday, and then on Friday Jon had us over for salmon filets and dominoes. Good shit.

Pickling ramps!
Finally got around to pickling those ramps on Tuesday. Not sure what’s in the brine but I know there is vinegar, sugar, mustard seeds, juniper berries.

Ramps safe & sound
Last night we put them in jars. I tried some – it tastes a bit like the dressing in a German potato salad which I love. Can’t wait to put these to use! Pickled ramp mayo + fried shrimp please!


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