SHHH It’s okay, we’re on bikes

Plan Ahead
Please note, these meals were eaten in a span of ONE WEEKEND.

Lonestar Empire Brisket
On Saturday we went to the Brooklyn Flea in Fort Greene. Ryan has never been before because he usually works all day. However, the Universe wanted him to try Lonestar Empire’s brisket, so we were blessed with some free time. They make their own pickles and BBQ sauce, and Linyee gifted us with a scoop of potato salad. It is the best the best the best. Have you signed up for that Brisket Lab? Me too. But this is the brisket that all brisket shall be measured from.

Fried anchovies, Jersey style
I went out of order, we ate these fried anchovies from Bonchovie first since Lonestar wasn’t ready yet. I would ask for them w/o the heads next time, as chewing through all the sharp/hard bits was not that fun. My fault.

Milk Truck - dark chocolate shake
Milk Truck’s dark chocolate shake. We are not fans of chocolate, however this is really thick and creamy and delicious. After watching the kids at the booth dick around for 20 minutes turning people away because they weren’t open yet we finally scored one and drank it on the way home. Then I promptly passed out for an hour, biked up to Greenpoint to grab Ryan from work, and headed to our next destination.

Kitchen sink at Meatball Shop
The Meatball Shop. The guys behind these restaurants are GENIUSES. First of all there are about 4-5 different meatballs on any given day. You can have your meatballs any way you want, with your choice of sauce: plain with sides, smashed in a brioche bun, in a hero sandwich, or as I like to get them, with everything but the kitchen sink. Which means you get 3 meatballs with your choice of sauce, and then 5 different kinds of market veggie preparations. It’s different every time, and it’s a shitload of vegetables.

Snickerdoodle + Vanilla ice cream at Meatball Shop
That’s not all. For dessert there are freshly baked cookies, which you can mix/match with ice cream and make your own ice cream sandwich cookies!! This is snickerdoodle with vanilla ice cream. Their cocktails work like this as well – they have different mixtures and then you pick the liquor. We both chose strawberry & rhubarb, but Ryan got whiskey and I got Prosecco. Two entrees, two cocktails, and one dessert set us back under $50 before tip. Genius.

Salted Caramel Apple Pie at 4 & 20

Savory Butternut Squash Pie at 4 & 20
On Sunday I woke up wanting pie. So we biked to Four & Twenty where Ryan got a Salted Caramel Apple pie and I got the savory Butternut Squash-Ginger-Sage pie. It was creamy-savory-flaky-delicious. Then because he kept complaining that pie was not enough for breakfast I suggested biking down to Red Hook to Fort Defiance.

Bloody Marys at Fort Defiance

Biscuit Egg Sandwich at Fort Defiance
Bloody Marys, biscuits & gravy, and the breakfast biscuit. This is a cheddar biscuit with ham, a fried egg, jalapeño jam. Was hoping to have some of their famous Muffaletta but it’s not on the brunch menu. Must return!

After a shower & a nap (for me at least) we headed up to Williamsburg again on bikes. I’d made reservations at Betto through Savored, as I had some dining credits. It’s not a bad deal, you pay $10 for a 30% off coupon and make reservations through the site. The restaurant choices have been spotty but I have been wanting to try Betto for a while – I have been eating at Jason Denton’s restaurants since I moved here almost 10 years ago and they never fail to be always delicious all the time. Happy hour at Betto ends at 7pm and includes reduced price cocktails, 6oz pours of draft beers, and one each of sparkling, white, and red wines for half off.

Crostini at Betto
The plates are small so we got a few things. We started with a sampling of crostinis, from the bottom up: white anchovy with mayo, chicken liver, pesto, homemade ricotta with honey, and fennel with citrus. We also got a vegetable side, roasted baby heirloom carrots with lemon ricotta, pickled red onions, & lardons.

Calamari a la Plancha at Betto
We ordered Calamari a la Plancha from the menu, which was very slightly spicy and smoky. Calamari was cooked perfectly.

Pork Belly special at Betto
The meat special was braised pork belly, flash fried, served with smashed potatoes and salsa verde. Also a side (a big side!) of broccoli rabe.
This is the kind of Italian dining I love – super simple food that tastes delicious, and a big wine list. I only wish we lived closer. But I will suffer Williamsburg for this place – they were playing CCR, Led Zeppelin, Bill Withers, Steppenwolf, and that song from The Warriors, and we were not seated next to any annoying people. With our track record for that this weekend, it was awesome.

Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Bar from Baked
Dessert: a chocolate bourbon pecan bar from Baked while watching Swamp People at home. The teams picked off three 12-footers, Tete Dure, Pas Tout La, and King Tut. Looks like we all won today.

P.S. I have no idea why my pants are so tight.


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