Filet with pesto
Filet mignon with pesto sauce, roasted fennel, sautéed mushrooms. Ryan made the majority of this. The beef is from Trader Joe’s, at $14.99/lb it’s pretty cheap. I made a tomato-anchovy-red onion salad which we ate while we were prepping dinner. One thing about filets, they are often seen as the best cut since they are so tender, but they are actually the most tasteless part of the cow, which is why the pesto sauce was so good on them. The perfect cut of meat is actually a porterhouse, which has the sirloin on one side (which is the tastiest cut) and the filet on the other. That’s the kind of shit you learn from working at a steakhouse. That and you must slap anyone who orders their steak medium+.

Fixins for pasta
Leftover pesto…we made pasta. Penne with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, homemade breadcrumbs. I realize that pesto on pasta is pretty standard but what really set this off was the breadcrumbs. Toast the bread in the oven, then drizzle with olive oil and season with whatever. Cheese, salt, garlic, pepper, herbs, etc. Then smash them up and sprinkle on the pasta just before serving. It’s super delicious. You’re welcome.

Tacos & ceviche at Gran/Electrica. This does not even deserve its own post – the tacos were decent as well as the ceviche. However, EVERYTHING NEEDED SALT. Luckily there was a little container of Maldon on the table. If you are an annoying recent grad who likes to yell about how great you are and what connections you used to get your job instead of talk normally, come here. If you live in DUMBO and want to pay ridiculous Manhattan prices for ingredients and food you don’t know, (What’s eh-pa-ZO-tay??) come here. If you want a $10 Tecate with Clamato and spices branded as a Michelada, come here. So I don’t have to deal with you when I want to eat real tacos. If you must, lengua & sweetbread tacos were good but needed a healthy dose of salt and salsas.


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