BK Ramen Event at Chuko

Our neighborhood favorite Chuko has gotten steadily better in their ramen preparations. Wmsburg newcomer Yuji Ramen teamed up with them last night to do a ramen event. $40 for four courses. Ryan and I met Tohm and Mimi there and we chowed the f down.

I didn’t take photos of the first two courses, which were Spanish mackerel with fish sauce, fried scallions, vinegar, and other toppings as well as a softshell crab bun with ramp mayonnaise. With all the shutterbugging going on I expected to find more online but I guess these were just posted to Facebook or Instagram. I’m too lazy to search. The first course was really good – I enjoyed all the flavors, however they overpowered the fish. The softshell crab bun kicked ass in my mouth. So much so that I burnt my tongue and it is still hurting 2 days later. I hope it goes on the menu for the (too-short) season.

Below are the two ramen courses:

Miso uni ramen by Yuji
Uni miso mazemen by Yuji Ramen. This has shiso and seaweed. I was hoping for way more uni than this but with the way the dinner was structured I’m not that surprised – that’s a lot of portions of the same dish to put out at the same time. Still pretty damn good – I love the shiso/uni combo. I want giant shiso leaves to wrap uni in. Nishiki rice on the side. Very little soy sauce. Furikake or shredded nori on top of the rice. I’m drooling. Someone make this happen for meeeee!!

Tsukemen by Chuko
Tsukemen by Chuko. By this point I was ready to bust my gut. I was only able to finish about a third of the noodles. The rayu broth was super rich, a little bit spicy, and mine had a piece of roasted garlic floating in it which I sadly but wisely avoided eating. At this point I was ready to fall off my chair because I was so full. I think smaller portions of noodles would have been better but I think they were accounting for the typical “more is better” mentality…or maybe they just didn’t know how the courses should be portioned since this was the first time.

My only gripe is that the table next to us had a couple of ridiculous girls that sounded like warblers on helium. Which is not that terrible I guess if you’re all enjoying yummy food. Looking forward to more of these dinners. Good job, ramen makers.


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