See ya, NYC

We are headed to Lexington, KY this weekend to meet up with Ryan’s family. Bourbon, BBQ, horses. That’s how we do.

Tiff's flava patch
I didn’t eat these but these are a collaboration between Heidi Kenney and Kid Robot. I have the ice cream sandwich pillow and Tiff gifted me the pink donut for my birthday. My goal is to have the entire flavor patch on my bed one day. Also that David Bowie doll but that’s just wishful thinking.

More beer! The Jasmine IPA is one of my favorites. I had it the first time I ever went to Beer Table a few years ago. The Nibiru is part of a series called “12 Beers of the Apocalypse” which is a collaboration between Elysian and Fantagraphics. It’s a Belgian tripel style beer brewed with yerba maté, but didn’t taste too herby. Love them both.

Shrimp po' boy and corn salsa
For dinner we made shrimp po’boys with corn salsa. The po’boys had jalapeño mayo and kumatos. For the corn salsa I boiled some sweet corn, diced red onions and peppers, half a jalapeño, and tossed with some olive oil and balsamic. I also added chilé limon, which I found in Sunnyside (Queens). It’s basically a spice mixture for micheladas and fruit – salt, chili powder, lime powder. So good.

Foie gras donut at Do or Dine
Foie gras donut from Do or Dine. We went for brunch on Sunday. Been wanting to eat here because I’ve heard amazing things. A lot of things sounded great in theory but fell short upon execution. Case in point, the Chicken & Woffals which was actually a cornish hen atop some waffles, with blood orange syrup. Delish, right? Well the hen was overcooked and the waffles were soggy by the time they got to the table. Flavorsplosions did not happen in my mouth, contrary to what I was hoping. We also got Spherickle Backs, which is their version of pickle backs. Instead of pickle juice it’s a gelatinous sphere filled with cucumber juice, vinegar, salt, pepper, and whatever green things are in the kitchen. I wanted more brine, more vinegar, actual pickle juice. Maybe I’m just trashy that way. It made me crave a pickle martini which is actually made with the pickle juice and garnished with a cornichon.

Serrano ham sandwich from Forager's
This is a photo from my desk. A serrano ham, manchego, watercress, quince paste sandwich on foccacia from Forager’s. As good as it looks, though a bit too much quince.

Papas Bravas from Morris Truck
Papas Bravas grilled cheese sandwich from Morris Truck. I think this is foccacia as well. It’s cooked in a griddle so both sides are crisp and buttery. Inside: salsa brava, Irish cheddar, and DUCK FAT POTATOES. My favorite grilled cheese sandwich yet.

Tonight we are headed to see ?uestlove’s Shuffle Culture at BAM, then headed to Lexington early tomorrow morning. Catch you later & happy 420 🙂


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