#EATING 4/6/12-4/12/12

Sky Ice
Ice cream selection at Sky Ice. Mimi told me about this place – they have crazy Asian-influenced ice creams and sorbets. Our favorites are black sesame seaweed and thai tea ice creams, also lychee rose and guava mint sorbets. They change flavors often but black sesame seaweed and thai tea are pretty standard. They’ve also got durian, raspberry cilantro, and a ton of others. They serve savory foods as well like noodles and dumplings but I’ve never had them. I love it so much I’ve ordered delivery…then felt so bad I ran downstairs to meet the delivery guy.

Lonestar Empire
Lonestar Empire brisket sandwich – the best brisket on the planet. Previously HNH BBQ, half the team split off to return to Houston, leaving Linyee and Dennis to carry on as Lonestar Empire. Saturdays at Brooklyn Flea in Fort Greene – they have homemade pickles and potato salad as well, and sometimes sweet tea and lemonade. Go early, they’re usually sold out before 3pm. This past Saturday was the opening day for the outdoor Flea and it was PACKED. Too many beautiful people, babies, and puppies. I couldn’t stand it.

Blueberry lavender organic cream popsicle
Blueberry lavender organic cream popsicle from the People’s Pops. Made with fresh, organic ingredients from the greenmarket.

Vegetarian miso at Chuko
Vegetarian Miso ramen at Chuko. Pea shoots, raw kale, acorn squash, parsnips. And I added pork.

Full eggs at Milk Bar
Full eggs at one of my favorite breakfast places in the neighborhood, Milk Bar. It’s run by a wonderful, crazy Australian guy and features locally sourced ingredients and organic eggs. We usually alternate between this and Le Gamin, which is Ryan’s spot.

Pie for lunch
Pie for lunch! I’ve been dreaming about Four & Twenty Blackbirds‘ summer pies. Was not able to make it there last year but last Sunday we stopped in for Grapefruit Custard and Pear Crumble.

Antipasti for dinner
Monday was Ryan’s double shift so I ate cold cuts for dinner. Roasted cauliflower and pickled mushrooms from BKLYN Larder, leftover prosciutto, and salami.

Morris Truck
Morris Truck‘s menu. Every Wednesday they park in DUMBO. I’ve made it a bit of a habit to “forget” to pack lunch on those days. I had the Classic with duck fat and a small tomato bisque. It’s about the size of a takeout salad dressing container but it’s SO GOOD. On Friday it was JK’s turn to order lunch for the office so he picked another grilled cheese spot, Little Muenster. I got the Asiago-Parm-Muenster-Buttnut Squash-Sage Brown Butter sandwich…and added bone marrow butter. OOPS.

Last of our Napa wine
Wednesday we ate our paté de foie and had it with this wine. We are it with a sourdough boule from Almondine, mimolette cheese, honey chevre, granny smith and pink lady apples, a shaved asparagus salad, grapes, cornichons, and mustard. This is the last of the wines we brought back with us from our trip to Napa last year, it’s full and sweet. Sterling is basically Disneyland for winos – you ride up to the winery in a gondola and there are tours and terraces where you can enjoy the perfectly manicured landscape. They hustle you through from station to station, and at the very last one is (surprise) a gift shop where you can purchase wine and other oenophile accessories.

Pie for breakfast at Four & Twenty Blackbirds
Pie for breakfast. I did not even feel fat because I biked to Melody Lanes, then up to DUMBO, then home. 10 miles total. Iced mint tea and Chamomile Buttermilk Custard Pie from 4 & 20.


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