Ain’t nothin but a pizza party

Pizza dough
Ryan used to work for a number of USHG (Danny Meyer) ventures and during one of them opened up one of the food stands at Citi Field, making hundreds pizzas a day. Mimi invited us over to make pizzas so we put him to work, stretching out the dough. Originally we’d wanted to make our own but with time constraints (and him working 6 days/week) we decided to get the ready-made dough we found at Fairway. It turned out to be decent, pretty chewy and it held up to our toppings. The trick is to parbake both sides first, then add toppings, then bake it on a pizza stone. Mimi has a cast iron pizza pan that works really well.

Bee sting by Mimi & Anthony
#1: Roberta’s Bee Sting by Mimi & Anthony. Tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, soppresatta (we used Genoa salami). Finished with acacia honey and hot oil. Such a crowd pleaser and a good way to start the night. I love this pizza because it’s got creamy-salty-sweet-spicy all in one bite.

Lobster mushroom by Ryan
#2: Lobster mushroom by Ryan. This is lobster, Danish fontina, and baby bellas on a lobster bechamel, topped with an herb mixture of tarragon, parsley, and chives. I admit that I had my doubts as I’m not a huge fan of cheese on seafood but this worked really well.

Prosciutto fig by meee
#3: Prosciutto, fig, & raddicchio with creme fraiche. I wanted to do a prosciutto and fig pizza and was looking for ideas online. This is a combination of two different recipes. I was mad I couldn’t find fresh figs anywhere but they’re not in season so I bought dried black mission figs, which worked out. This one is also finished with a bit of acacia honey to balance out the raddicchio.

Pistachio goat cheese by Mimi
#4: Pistachio goat cheese by Mimi. By this point we were getting so full! But this was a good way to end it, on a semi-sweet note. Pistachios got the honey treatment, then topped the dough along with goat cheese and red onions. A tiny bit of honey at the end to finish.

For dessert, Steve’s key lime pie, which is probably the best I’ve had. To drink, Bear Republic Red Rocket Ale and a Riesling Mimi bought from L18. The name escapes me, but it was full and good.

Two things I learned:
1. I want a pizza pan.
2. Never set two hungry people loose at Fairway. We also ended up with paté de foie and dried cherries for another night, as well as a gallon jug of Turkey Hill Sweet Tea.

Texts from this morning:
“I’m thinking we reconstitute those cherries in brandy.”
“That or Jameson’s”


P.S. These were taken with RetroCamera, NOT Instagram.


One response to “Ain’t nothin but a pizza party

  1. Wish we could sample it; even a smell would have been good. If they could do that on stickers, why not online?

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