Beauty at Mile End
The Beauty at Mile End. Just your typical bagel-lox-cream cheese-caper-onion-tomato combo. FROM MONTREAL. I’ve decided I like Montreal bagels better – they’re not as dense and have a slight honey flavor. We ate here with Ryan’s old roommate Kyle, who is also a chef, visiting from Boston.

Mayu Ramen at Hide-Chan
Ma-Yu Ramen at Hide-Chan. This meal consumed after Patty’s superstar karaoke party. At 5pm we were jamming out and getting twisty. After 3-4 Jameson’s on the rocks I needed this. We also had tako wasa and fresh tofu to start AND MORE ALCOHOL. The charsu this time was on point – so fatty! I also needed the 1:30am puke session. Pro tip: if you make yourself puke you will only be really tired, not hungover.

Happy hour indeed
A dozen $1 Blue Point oysters at Cornelius. I got through most of these before I started feeling queasy – BP’s are not my favorite. I didn’t puke but I didn’t feel great either. Not sure if it was the oysters or the Irish ale I was drinking.

Beer & brats
Beer & Brats by Ryan. He and Tyler went to Schaller & Weber to tour the facilities and they gave them both a shitload of meat. Ryan brought home bratwursts and twice smoked bacon. This is just grilled brats in sauteed bacon, onions, garlic, jalapenos. Then 2 tallboys of Bud and a 1 lb. pack of sauerkraut. Simmer for one hour. Consume with massive amounts of spicy German mustard. And brotchen if you can find it. We could only find shitty Portuguese rolls at the supermarket. I didn’t even attempt to eat it on the bread, but Ryan did and complained when it fell apart. Because he tried to jam TWO sausages in it. Then forgot he did that until I was poking around in the sauerkraut bog looking for the others. Haha!

Lunch at work: Fisherman's Dawta
Catered office lunch from Fisherman’s Dawta on Atlantic Ave. Pictured are steamed cabbage, rice & peas, and jerk chicken. We also got ackee & saltfish, brownstewed chicken, sweet plantains, curried goat. I love goat. When I was in Kenya I watched one get slaughtered and was happy to note that I still wanted to eat it afterwards. The food from FD was really good – it tasted homecooked.

More adventures to come. Stay tuned.

Also I’m on Instagram right now, so come find me: lzsd.


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