Blah blah chicken curry blah blah


There are tons of no-cook Japanese foods available, as well as sauce packets and “just-add-water” meals. Those kind of scare me. Especially no-cook fruit puddings. I like to get the curry sauce mix and make it at home. I buy the Golden Curry brand, usually medium or spicy. This is the first thing I ever cooked for Ryan when we started dating, and I forgot a bunch of ingredients. Like onion. And stuff for a salad. And I’d just moved so I didn’t have a cutting board. Have I mentioned he’s a chef? FAIL! So I ran downstairs and begged the grocery store to let me in, 5 minutes before closing (Ryan was at home tending the potatoes). And THEN I forgot to make the damn rice. In the end it came out fine and we’ve eaten it many times since. Last night we added sautéed mushrooms to the mix and pickled leeks on the side. I also like adding pickled ginger or maybe some takuan. I use chicken thighs because I hate white meat, but you can use any kind of protein like pork or beef or even fish. I love pork katsu, which is a thin, breaded pork cutlet. Nothing better than fried, breaded fat.

This is what I had for breakfast – it’s a good use for leftover rice (as well as spam musubi or fried rice, which is way better with day old rice).

Ochazuke for breakfast

This is umeboshi (sour plum) ochazuke. It’s basically a flavor packet that has rice crackers, seaweed, dried umeboshi, and other flavors. You add it to rice and pour hot water over it – it’s basically a savory green tea soup. It comes in different flavors like sake (salmon) and nori (seaweed) as well, but umeboshi is my favorite.


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