In case you were wondering

I’m still f-ing eating. Proof:
Beef Brunch

Ying’s birthday was on Wednesday but we celebrated yesterday at Gyu-Kaku in the East Village. It’s Korean style BBQ with Japanese marinades and drinks. That pretty much sums it up. Lunchtime, it’s happy hour so you get 50% off drinks and also a discount on food. Needless to say we ate the shit out of that beef.

At the end of the meal they took the grills off and gave us S’mores set ups.

And then for dinner Ryan and I went to Chuko. Their vegetarian miso ramen is getting better and better. I like it with the poached egg:

Vegetarian Miso at Chuko

They are also now (FINALLY!!) serving beer. Sapporo on draught and also Six Point (can’t recall the beer) and Pork Slap in cans.

Also the weekend before this one, we had brunch at Black Swan (see pic of the Bloody Swan below) then immediately headed to Dough for doughnuts and coffee/tea.

Bloody Swan

After looking at apartments and stopping by No. 7 Sub, we walked down to Metropolitan Ave to Fette Sau and stuffed our faces with smoked brisket, pulled pork, and beef cheeks. And then had a “light” dinner of miso soup and oyakodon. And that was just Sunday.

God I hate my boyfriend.


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