You’d think spending all day in a kitchen would make you want to take it easy at night. These were all made by Ryan, with some help from me:

Scallops, romesco puree, tomatoes, fingerling potatoes, oyster mushrooms and broccoli rabe by Ryan
Scallops with romesco puree, broccoli rabe, tomatoes, fingerling potatoes

5 pc chicken dinner
Roast chicken with tomato-corn-mushroom salad, sauteéd spinach, and mashed potatoes. This was the night Ryan taught me how to properly take apart a whole chicken.

Steak & potatoes night!
Grilled NY strip, grilled onions, mushrooms, smashed potatoes, Caesar salad. Notice the grill marks on the steak.

Fish steamed in nuoc mam by RR
Seabass steamed in nuoc mam

Lobster fra diavolo
Lobster fra Diavolo

Porterhouse topped with Danish blue and served with all the fixins. Yes, I ate ALL of that.

5spice ribs, japanese yam, watercress salad
Five-spice ribs, Japanese yam, cress salad with Asian pears

Chipotle chicken tacos by Ryan
Chipotle chicken tacos

Birthday dinner by RR
My birthday dinner – ribs slowcooked in a jalapeño-Coke concoction, buttery butternut squash, vinegary kale & onions, earthy mushrooms.

Two stomach monsters are better than one.


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