Meat Cravings

I’ve been trying to eat healthily and mostly vegetarian for lunch because of the craziness that ensues on the weekends (and, let’s face it, almost every night). However my body is just so used to the amount of protein I ingest that I can’t really handle it. By mid-afternoon I’ve got the shakes and need to eat double the amount of snacks I usually have, whether they’re nuts, fruit, or cookies. I’ve been having farro and mushrooms as well as a beet-apple salad (do you want the recipes? I’ll post them if enough people are interested.) so for dinner on Tuesday I was craving rack of lamb. Makes sense, I know. My friend Michael made lamb for me like this once – it’s ridiculously easy and looks impressive.

Rack of lamb

Trader Joe’s sells Frenched racks of lamb for around $14-20 APIECE. That’s less than the per lb. price at Whole Foods! So get one of those, salt and pepper it, brown it on all sides. Set the oven to 375. Slather mustard (I used Dijon) on the bone side of the meat and pat some chopped pistachios on the mustard. Trader Joe’s sells roasted, shelled, salted nuts which is great because peeling pistachios is pretty tedious. Just give them a rough chop before you pat them onto the mustard. Put it in the oven for about 15 minutes for medium rare, and to serve just use a knife to cut in between the bones. I seared it in a cast iron skillet and baked it in the same pan with some cloves of garlic. I also made a tomato-anchovy-red onion salad and on the side we had steamed fingerling potatoes with roasted garlic.

This post sounds like a total Trader Joe’s promo but it’s just where I happened to get all my shit yesterday. I don’t get groceries there all that much, mostly because I don’t like not being able to fondle my produce before buying it.


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